Dutch and Belgium road trips with Holland Travel

The Netherlands is not only known for its capital Amsterdam, its canals and its museums. By discovering the country by car you’ll also discover all kinds of picture postcard villages. Belgium is known for its romantic vibes, great chocolate, beautiful architecture, and peaceful canals. Holland’s Travel Yvonne Ter Avest can help you organize a road trip through both countries at once.

What will the road trip through Holland and Belgium look like?

Yvonne organizes road trips through Holland and Belgium.

One of the road trip’s starting point will be Amsterdam. From there you will drive through different must-see parts of the Netherlands and towards Ghent and Bruges in Belgium. After that you will leave Belgium and continue your journey in the direction of the Delta Works in Zeeland. The road trip’s final destination will be The Hague.

It is also possible to book CAMPER trips through the Netherlands and Belgium.

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