Custom bike tours in The Netherlands

With well-maintained, separate bicycle roads across the country, Holland is the perfect country to explore by bike. A short bike tour or a challenging ride across the Netherlands? With Holland Travel the possibilities are infinite.

Bike tours in the Netherlands

Holland Travel specializes in custom bike tours in the Netherlands. Do you know the cities or areas YOU want to visit? The distance YOU want to cycle each day? Have you got the dates of your bike tour through the Netherlands? I help you plan your own unique and personalized bike tour. I will book your hotels or B&Bs, rent your bikes, provide you with maps and landmarks to see and places to eat.

Holland is a bike-friendly country

Holland has an excellent cycling infrastructure. You share the bike roads with other cyclists only: commuters, groups of teenagers on their way to school, parents with kids, racing cyclists, etc. With dedicated crossing points, getting over car roads is very safe. You can also make beautiful bike tours across the Dutch national parks. Book one of our tour packages, for example to the West Frisian Islands, and make a bike tour through some of the most picturesque cycling areas in the Netherlands.

Feel free to contact me through social media or call me and get the information you need to explore the Netherlands by bike.

Bike tours
Bike tours