Bike trip the Dutch Wadden isles

A bike trip on the Dutch Wadden Isles

Everyone has heard or been to the amazing Dutch islands in the Caribbean, but not everyone is aware of the overwhelming beauty of the Dutch islands in the north of the Netherlands. The Wadden Islands (also known the Frisian Islands) are an amazing destination that’s fun to explore by bike!

What can you expect?

During Holland Travel’s bike trip you will have ample opportunity to enjoy the unique landscape on and around the Dutch Wadden Islands. This nature reserve in the north of the Netherlands has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

By booking the Wadden Isles bike trip, you will be cycling on almost all Dutch Wadden Islands, but mainly visit Vlieland and Terschelling.

3-day bike trip on Vlieland-Terschelling

Booking the Wadden Isles bike trip means you will be staying in a double room of a good hotel or B&B for 2 nights. Breakfast is also included.

Booking the Wadden Isles 3-day bike trip also means that everything else will be taken care of: renting your bikes and providing you with maps and landmarks to see and places to eat. Owner Yvonne ter Avest can even accompany you on part or all of your trip.

Your bike trip will start in Harlingen. From Harlingen you will first be sailing to Vlieland. This quiet island has only one village, is largely forested, but also has the eye-catching forty-metre high dune with a red lighthouse on top called Vuurboetsduin.

From Vlieland you will then ferry to Terschelling. Terschelling is one of the larger Dutchs Wadden Islands and features more than 70 kilometres of biking paths and the De Noordvaarder natural reserve. The 400 year old lighthouse De Brandaris on the island is also a must-see.

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact Yvonne through social media or call her and get all the information you need on booking a bike trip to the Dutch Wadden Isles.