In the north of the Netherlands you will find the province of Groningen. The capital of Groningen has a vibrant center with museums, historic buildings and many nice restaurants. Outside the city you can enjoy nature, historic villages and water sports.

Groningen, the capital of this county, is a vibrant, versatile city with a lot of culture and events, beautiful historical monuments such as the Martini tower, nice shopping areas for a day of shopping and tasteful restaurants. In short, nothing goes beyond Groningen.

The Province of Groningen

In this province of Groningen you will find a beautiful farmland of fields, locks and ancient villages. And this landscape gives you beautiful views.

If you are going to cycle here, you can not escape the numerous historical monuments. One of the highlights is the 12th-century Cistercian monastery in Aduard, which also has a museum that illuminates the history of the building. Here you will also find Romanesque churches, classical farms and the many villagescapes. The villages in this area are all built on a terp and are therefore also called villages.

Cycling and hiking in the High North

Midden Humsterland is a wonderful area to blow out. The facilities for cyclists and hikers are very good here. You can make trips of different distances or follow the famous Pieterpad. You do not have to count on relief. The only resistance you can expect is windscreen. Accommodations range from hotels to farms and for a culinary highlight you can dine at Herberg ‘Onder de Linden’, highly recommended!

Traveling to the Netherlands

Martini tower

The Martini tower is the pride of Groningen.

Visit the Martini tower on the Grand Place and discover the beautiful view from the top and enjoy the beautiful bell game.

The tower is almost one hundred meters high and 500 years old. The city is built around this tower. In the past, the Martini tower was a landmark and a watch tower to keep an eye on the enemy, now a tourist attraction.

When you walk through Groningen you can not miss the bell of the Martini tower. The bell group is known as one of the best in Europe and gives the atmosphere in the city an additional positive touch. The tower is connected to the Martini church, The organ and the murals of this church are definitely worth a visit.

If you are visiting Groningen on a sunny day, you should definitely climb the Martini tower.

The Martini tower is the tallest building in the city and offers great views.

Access cards are available at the Tourist Office now located opposite the Martini tower. You can also book a tour here.

The Martini tower is located on the main square of the city square.

The Grand Market

A local market is held a couple of times a month on the Grand Market or at the nearby Fish Market. On Tuesdays to Saturdays you will always find a market. Here you will find fresh food and flowers, it is always cozy, busy and lively.

Your visit to Groningen is not complete before you have drunk anything on the Grote Markt.

Cafes and terraces fill the southern half of the square. The pubs The Three Sisters and the Blue Angel are popular with students.

The square gives you an impression of the vibrant atmosphere of the capital of the north. You will see that you are not bored at the Grote Markt.

Around this beautiful square you will also find several shops. The ideal starting point for a great day to shop!

Visit nice shopping areas such as Fish Market, Herestraat or the Curve Elbow.

In these shopping streets you will not only find many large retail chains, but also several exclusive boutiques

The Curve Elbow consists of two small streets, the Little and the Great Curve Elbow, and offers all kinds of fun, just some more exclusive shops and restaurants. For clothes, jewellery or art, here are the right places. Also, nice and cozy restaurants can be found here

Are you looking for lifestyle shops, boutiques or galleries they are located on Folkingestraat within walking distance of the Grote Markt. Here you can also have lunch in one of the many cozy lunch restaurants. If you look closely around you, you’ll see in this old Jewish street many Jewish symbols

On Sundays and Thursdays until 21:00  most shops are open in the center.

Tip: the coasts of Groningen

The coasts of Groningen are part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and offer a rest and space like nothing in the Netherlands yet to be found. You will discover beautiful beaches with views beyond Rottum’s sandpits and dunes, and you can walk and cycle through seaside areas and come along beautiful villages.

This part of the coast of Groningen is one of the rare places for which nature has decided that nature can be completely free. In part, the Wadden Sea is known as the North Sea stall with many seals, coastal birds, special fish and plenty of seafood

Here you will also find the Dollard brackish area, where unique plants grow and breed many rare bird species such as the Kluut and the Tureluur. In short, the coasts of Groningen are not only quiet for sun worshipers but also a unique landscape for nature lovers who want to discover some news.

If you like beautiful farmlands, historic farms and beautiful beaches, then a cycling tour of this province of Groningen is definitely worth it!

Holland Travel has a wonderful multi-day bicycle tour through this area