Giethoorn is a historic little town in Overijsel, located in the northern part of the Netherlands and nestled amongst a never-ending series of canals and waterways. Most of the town can only be reached by boat. That is how Giethoorn earned the moniker ‘Venice of the North’.

Whether you like to take a long or short boat tour, by booking one of Holland Travel’s guided tours through Giethoorn, you’ll be enjoying the beautiful surroundings to the fullest!

Exploring Giethoorn by boat

Exploring Giethoorn by boat will give you the chance to enjoy the views of quaint thatched cottages. You will be departing from Restaurant De Rietstulp, the starting point from which a two-hour boat tour will offer you sweeping panoramas of Giethoorn’s historical village centre and Lake Bovenwijde.exploring by boat

What happens afterwards?

After the boat tour through Giethoorn, there will be plenty of time to explore the rest of Giethoorn. You’ll for instance have time take in Giethoorn’s skyline, set off on a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard. Or: why not take a leisurely stroll along the arched bridges, overlooking the stunning thatched farms Giethoorn has to offer? Or browse the local stores and pay a visit to Museum De Oude Aarde in the heart of town? And to finish it all off: have some real Dutch pancakes [waar?] in Giethoorn’s best pancake restaurant. You’ll love them!

Contact the owner

Don’t hesitate to contact owner Yvonne ter Avest via Facebook, email, call or Skype call her for more information on guided boat tours through Giethoorn or Giethoorn in general.