Package deal Vlieland - Terschelling

Package deal 3 day cycling tour Vlieland-Terschelling

During this cycle trip you will stay in a good hotel or bed and breakfast.
When designing your personal trip, we will look at a accommodation that is on your route and suits you! Your stay is inclusive of breakfast unless otherwise indicated.

This package deal is from 2 nights.
Of course, you can make your trip as long as possible, taking into account your wishes and the number of kilometers you want and to cycle.
Included in this price are:
Stay in a double room with breakfast
Directions and map with nice area tips
A good tour bike with cycling bags
Tourist tax

Not included:
More price a single room and perhaps parking costs, reservation- and bookingfees.

3 days / 2 nights package deal from € 135,-

Vlieland package deal

3 days biketour between Vlieland- Terschelling

Your cycling tour starts in Harlingen, you will board a boat and sail to the most untouched of the Wadden Islands: Vlieland. This peaceful island with its beautiful natural landscape allows you to enjoy wind, water and space. The island features a lot of beaches and sandscapes; and you will also find ample wooded areas here.

From Vlieland you will board the ferry to Terschelling, which is the biggest Friesian Wadden Island. In addition to nature this island boasts many museums, old churches, cottages with pretty facades, and of course the islands famous light tower, Brandaris. In short, this is a tour of natural and cultural discovery on a bicycle. Seven lovely days filled with sun, sea and beaches!


Vlieland is the Wadden Island that is the most remote from the mainland. This quiet island has only one village. The island is largely forested, but also has the eye-catching Vuurboetsduin. This is a forty-metre high dune with a red lighthouse on top. The island is around 12 km in length and no more than 2 km in width.

Highlights of Vlieland

The highlights of the Wadden Island Vlieland are:

Tromp’s Huys: exhibition on the historic and maritime past of Vlieland,

Vliehors express: safari in a converted military truck across the sand flats,

Seal watching: Boat tour on the Wadden Sea.

Visit Vlieland

Here are some last tips before you visit Vlieland. In the first week of September, there’s a great pop festival for all ages called ‘Into The Great Wide Open’. Another tip is to try the culinary speciality of the island, cranberries. Everything imaginable is made with cranberries on Vlieland.

If you want to go to Vlieland only, take the ferry from Harlingen and you will arrive at your destination within two hours. You can also take the express boat from Harlingen to Vlieland; the crossing takes only 45 minutes. You can not bring a car to Vlieland; You can leave it on one of the parking lots at Harlingen Harbor. A day parking costs about € 5.50. You can also take the train to Harlingen Harbor. From Harlingen Harbor Station you do not have to walk far to reach the terminal. On the island itself we recommend renting a bicycle.


Terschelling is the second largest of the West Frisian Islands. The oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, the Brandaris from 1594, welcomes visitors to the island. Terschelling has a varied landscape that ranges from a shoreline to tidal marshes and forests.

Every year thousands of visitors visit the many highlights on this wonderful wadden island. For example, the local delicacies taste fresh from the country at different farms. For example, sample the delicious cheese and ice cream.

For nature lovers there is a lot to see; for example at the Boschplaat Nature Reserve, where you can see countless unique plant species, butterflies and huge bird colonies.

When the water is low, it is possible to walk over the bottom of the Wadden Sea. Do this only under the guidance of a guide, otherwise it is not without risk. The soil consists of sandbanks, marshes and swamp fields where you can see the most beautiful birds, plants and fish and, if you’re lucky, you even meet the playing seals on the sandbanks. A beautiful and unique experience!

Terschelling has various galleries and exhibition spaces and a wide range of restaurants and entertainment venues. During the Oerol Festival, Terschelling is transformed into one big stage for art forms like cabaret, singing and dancing and attracts thousands of visitors.

Terschelling is well accessible from Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In about an hour and a half you drive to Harlingen where you can park your car safely. From the Harlingen car park you can go by ferry or by ferry to the ferry. Rent a bike on the island itself. Online booking of the ferry service is so advantageous!

Terschelling is not the only Wadden Island. Also Texel, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland are very worthwhile. Here you will also find beautiful beaches and unique flora and fauna.


Go hiking and discover the dry sea-bottom with salt marshes, swamp fields and trenches. Of course, you do this under the guidance of a guide that points to all the interesting things (and ensures safety!). With luck you will even encounter playing seals.