Moj leuk daj hier bint. WELKOM/ Glad you are here. WELCOME

Moj leuk daj hier bint. WELKOM/ Glad you are here. WELCOME

Hello nice that you came to my website via my QR code card. I have made some nice offers especially for you. This gives you the opportunity to choose what you like. Of course I will contact you to ask about your preference or wishes.


What are the offers you can choose from:


  • Mystery tour.

Are you adventurous? If you want to be surprised for a day, choose this mystery tour (surprise day) (can be extended to 2 or 3 days)

This day you will be surprised with a visit to 3 or 4 highlights of the Netherlands or a specific region.

This day includes a visit to a restaurant where lunch can be taken.


  • Free ticket

1x a free entrance to a museum or cruise of your choice.


  • Shop, taste and discover Dutch cuisine.

We will go shopping for a Dutch meal together.

We will prepare and eat this meal together. Of course including a drink.


  • A workshop or demonstration of your choice.

You can choose from, for example, making cheese, picking flowers or making clogs.


If there is not a nice offer for you, please feel free to contact me.

Maybe I can put a nice proposal that better suits your needs.

Aju voor nu en weerkommen/ Aju for now and come back

See you soon and feel free to come back to check my website. Who knows, there may be other great promotions or offers.