Personalized guided tours

Holland Travel is the opposite of the large, anonymous travel agencies you will find online, so let’s get to know each other! Let me introduce myself: I am Yvonne ter Avest and I live in Nijverdal – a large village situated at an intersection of two rivers in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Love for travel

I have always had a great passion for travel. Discovering hidden gems in old towns or simply enjoying a view you have never seen before – travel keeps you moving, through the world and through your soul. It connects you to something greater than yourself and the X amount of square kilometers your daily life takes place on.

yvonne ter avest

Travel and the past

In my case, I found that travel can connect you to your own history. After the war, a large part of our family emigrated to Canada. In the years before Holland Travel existed, more and more family members and their descendants who still live in Canada traveled to Holland.

Some of them got in touch with me and asked if I would show them around. Well, you guessed it, of course I would!

We would visit some staple cultural attractions and combine that with an introduction to the contemporary Dutch way of life by showing them around our village. Maybe you’re thinking: well, that’s just regular old hospitality, right? But we’re not there yet. These people had a strong family connection to a place and people they did not necessarily know that well, just from the stories they were told.


Stories. That’s where it gets interesting. Some of our visitors wanted to see the places about which their families were talking. For example: their grandparents told them about the church where they got married or the oak tree they used to climb. To physically see that church or oak tree makes those stories come to life and feel as real as they do for their grandparents.

It creates a deeper connection to their loved ones and their own origins. I loved being a witness and facilitator to that experience.

Holland Travel

After these trips, many of the travelers asked me why don’t you do this professionally? At first I just laughed and took it as a compliment, but the idea took root. In 2015, something clicked and I decided to launch Holland Travel! My very own company for personalized journeys through time and place.

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