Private Windmill tour from a Dutch Miller

Do you want to visit a windmill in the Netherlands from Amsterdam with a large group?

Or do you want to book a private windmill tour with a real Dutch Miller, just with your group?

If you want the second option, keep on reading.

I’ll show you what I can do for you, to make your windmill tour in the Netherlands a great experience.

Dutch windmill the Hope

Windmill the Hope is a windmill situated in the city of Hellendoorn. The city owns the windmill, but the miller exploits it. It’s his company.

The mill is used to grind grain to make flour. The flour is then sold to bakers, butchers, and private individuals. This is how the miller earns his living.

The miller will show you around the mill and show you how flour is made from grain. You can then buy flour made in the mill in the shop to make bread or dough at home.

The mill is also capable of generating energy if there is enough wind.

molen de Hoop

Your trip

I can arrange a private tour for you that you can combine with other activities during your time in the Netherlands. I can create a complete package with everything you want to do and see, even the things you didn’t know you wanted to do.

For example, we can combine it with a visit to a traditional Dutch wooden clog maker.

I can be your guide for a day or several days if you want to. And if you have Dutch ancestors, I can show you around the city they lived in and show them their house. I will help you to visit your roots.

But also when your roots are not in the Netherlands, I can make your visit a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can contact me here to set up a meeting and tell me your wishes, or you can read what other clients experience before you.