Your trip

You’re here! You want to go to Holland! You might have gotten to know me a little bit, but I would like to meet you too. Once you’ve gotten in touch we will set up a video call so we can get to know each other comfortably before you arrive in Holland amidst all the chaos that travel brings.

We’ll discuss your expectations, hopes and wishes for your stay and how to accommodate those. I’ll make the plan and take care of everything on my side of the ocean. You only need to pack your bags and book your plane tickets! Here you can find the [FAQ] to help you prepare.


Fast forward to your arrival at the airport. A plane flight is disorienting at the best of times, so I will be there to pick you up, get you acquainted with our public transport and will make your overall landing a soft one. I always prepare a knapsack with your itinerary and some other helpful little things. Most often, people want to do some exploring by themselves and after a few days I will collect you by car. Then the exploring of your personal connection to this small but feisty country starts!

During your stay

Your journey will probably be partly guided, but also on the days of solo exploration you can easily contact me through WhatsApp or other forms of communication.

Don’t hesitate to ask for anything! Often enough, my guests get inspired by what they see and hear while traveling and might want to change their plans.

That’s no problem at all, I will do my best to make it happen. One of you has a birthday to celebrate during your stay? Been there, done that – tell me how Dutch you want it. With tompoezen and slagroomtaart or rather at a nice restaurant and a theater show?

Go at your own speed

Holland seems small and you might think that you can see half of the country in one day, but we’re not a car centric country. Travel might take longer than you expect. Don’t forget you also need some time to process everything you encounter! It’s a holiday. Of course, if you want to see and do as much as possible, we can arrange that. We’re here to make your
plans a reality.

Flexible plans

A few years ago, I took some Canadian fans of agriculture to a wooden shoe manufacturer, but on our way there they saw a factory where agricultural machines that are famously from Holland are made.

Part of our landscape for me, but they really wanted to go and take a look. So we did! It was as fun and unexpected for the guys handling the machinery as it was for the visitors. As unexpected events are wont to do, it made a lasting impression. Of course, we did not skip the wooden shoes, I changed the itinerary so we could do both! For more examples of personalized journeys, take a look at these [blogs] and get inspired.

Give us some examples of what other people did! Get inspired by the ones who went before

Amsterdam is fun, of course, but some of the other places that other guests have visited are Giethoorn (the Dutch version of Venice, not sinking as far as I know), Delft and Ootmarsum.

You will get some recommendations about great places to eat, but I can also assemble a picnic basket, so you can just go on your adventure and have a bite to eat wherever and whenever you want. Your plan, your pace.

As mentioned, a lot of people make the journey to Holland to find out more about their roots here. One of those roots might be in WO II. People who want to know more about the resistance and liberation go to the Verzetsmuseum in Amsterdam or follow the liberation route and visit the Canadian cemetery. A different kind of experience waits for you at Westerbork. The visit to the former transportation camp is not only educational, but also impactful on a less conscious level.

This is where people were taken away to the camps, this is where history becomes tangible and something to be understood not only with your mind, but with your body and soul.