Trip to the Netherlands

A hiking or cycling trip to the Netherlands

You decided to go on a trip to The Netherlands, but you wouldn’t mind a little bit of help? Not only can Holland Travel show you the highlights of this beautiful country, owner Yvonne Ter Avest also specializes in organizing hiking and bike tours across the Dutch countryside.

Exploring the Netherlands on foot or by bike

Hiking or cycling maybe isn’t the first thing you think of during your holiday in The Netherlands, but it could be a lot of fun! Forget about bigger cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague and start exploring a few of Holland’s beautiful national parks with endless networks of bike paths and hiking trails instead.

The tour packages Holland Travel can offer you cover the Dutch countryside of the northeast: the quiet, rural provinces of the Netherlands with lots of forests, farms, castles and vast fields. Or maybe you’re interested in a 3-day bike tour on the West Frisian Islands Vlieland and Terschelling. The hiking or cycling distance per day and the dates (3 days/2 nights or more) are entirely up to you!


Finding out more about your Dutch roots

Are you part Dutch and are you trying to find your family roots? Holland Travel can help you with this. Yvonne can assist you on your genealogy trips to the countryside of the Netherlands. Because she works from home, her times are flexible and she can maximize her efforts into organizing the perfect trip for you. She can provide you with information on researching your family history, book your hotel or B&B, organize walking tours through your ancestral hometown and much more.

Contact Yvonne

Don’t hesitate to contact Yvonne via Facebook, email, call or Skype call her for more information on a trip to the Netherlands. We hope to hear from you soon!

Trip to the Netherlands
Trip to the Netherlands