Traveling to The Netherlands from the US

Are you traveling from the US and planning a visit to the Netherlands? Holland Travel can help you out! Owner Yvonne ter Avest organizes guided tours across the Netherlands. All these tours are tailor-made to match your needs.Traveling to the Netherlands

Guided tours across the Netherlands

When you’re traveling from the US all the way to the Netherlands, why not go on a guided tour with Holland Travel? This ensures you won’t be getting on a bus full of tourists. Instead you’ll take the train or use a bike, just like the Dutch themselves, to travel across their country. Yvonne can take you on walking tours through the amazing historic centers of Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen or Nijmegen. She will also show you around the beautiful Dutch countryside. Do you have your own idea of what you want to see in the Netherlands? Great! Yvonne will gladly put together a tailor-made guided tour.

Hiking and cycling tours

Besides guided tours in the Netherlands, Yvonne also organizes self-guided hiking and bike tours across the country. See for example the 3-day bike tour of the West Frisian Islands Vlieland and Terschelling. Yvonne will book the hotels or B&Bs, rent the bikes and provide you with maps. Cycling and traveling by train are easy ways to get around the Netherlands. The Netherlands have an excellent public transport infrastructure and safe bike roads. And if you are not comfortable with traveling by yourself, Yvonne will be happy to accompany you on a part or all of your trip.

Contact Yvonne

Feel free to Facebook, email, call or Skype Yvonne, and get the information you need about Yvonne’s guided or self-guided tours across the Netherlands.